Sunday, December 12, 2010

Homemade Deep Conditioning Treatment

Today I realized my hair was kind of coarse and not very voluminous, my first thought was to try to find a cheap salon to get some sort of treatment but I won't have the funds for a few weeks, and I wanted awesome hair as soon as possible so I attended the University of Google and found some great treatments (I mixed and matched some recipes). I made a simple egg hair treatment mixture and now my hair is bouncy, soft and wonderful. If you're interested in the concoction you can google it or just use this one.

Things You'll Need:
-One Egg
-Olive Oil
-Two bowls
-Whisk (or fork)

Directions (on making the mix):

1. Seperate your egg, put egg whites in one bowl and the yolk in the other.
                                                                Egg Whites
2. Whisk the egg whites until they are frothy, then pour them in the cup.

3. Whisk the yolk like you're making scrambled eggs and add it to the cup

4. Add two teaspoons of Olive Oil to the cup, and two teaspoons of honey

                                              (either add two teaspoons or one tablespoon)
5. Mix concoction

Directions (on using the mix):

1. Shampoo your hair like normal
2. Rub this stuff on your hair, and leave it for a few minutes
3. Rinse of with cold water thoroughly, you don't want anything left in your hair!

That's it really, the egg has vitamins in it that is great for your hair and gives it a nice sleek smooth shine while the olive oil makes it nice and soft, I added the honey so the mixture was not runny so if you don't have any honey you can ommit that step. I know this seems a little gross (I was really apprehensive to put egg on my hair) but it works really well, and as long as you rinse your hair thoroughly everything will be fine.

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