Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CoverGirl Clean Foundation and Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review

Here they are
I stopped using liquid foundation a few weeks ago because it doesn't do well for my oily skin, but I thought I would do a review of these just for fun. First of all we have CoverGirls Clean Sensitive Skin makeup in #210 (Classic Ivory) and Neutrogena's Healthy Skin liquid makeup in #10 (Classic Ivory).

The Comparison

The first major comparison that I have between these two foundations is the consistency. CoverGirl's makeup is  more thick than Neutrogena's. I found that CoverGirls makeup stayed in place when I placed it on a makeup sponge while Neutrogena's makeup was runny and slid down the sponge (see below)
Note: the foundation on the left is Neutrogena, notice how it is runny. The right is CoverGirl and it has a thick consistency that kept it in it's position.

 Also, the CoverGirl makeup is oil free, and I really noticed this. I'm not saying that the Neutrogena makeup was extremely greasy but it did feel more oily than CoverGirls. However, Neutrogena's makeup gave me a lot more coverage with the same amount of foundation as CoverGirls. I have red cheeks, and the Neutrogena makeup evened out my skin tone completely while the CoverGirl makeup muted the color while not completely eliminating it. Additionally, even though both of these foundations are in the same shade of Classic Ivory CoverGirl has more pink undertones while Neutrogena has more yellow undertones, this didn't affect me really but it's just a bit of information that might be helpful to someone.
The left is CoverGirl while the right is Neutrogena (both colors blended very well and matched my skintone with ease)
Finally, CoverGirl is hypoallergenic and is for sensitive skin while Neutrogena has SPF 20 (which is fantastic! I love when makeup has an spf because protecting your skin is always important) and apparently helps clear up your skin. I'll be honest, I've never worn this long enough to see if this was true because liquid foundations make me break out and wreak havoc on my skin (this is more of a personal problem, not a problem due to the foundations because everyone has different skin types).So, I really cannot say one of these foundations is better than the other because it's all about preference. If you like good coverage and don't mind a foundation that has a slight oily feeling when applying go for Neutrogena, but if you want something light feeling with light coverage go for CoverGirl.

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