Saturday, December 11, 2010

Basic Staple Items for Beginners (Starter Kit Under $40)

I remember when I was first dipping my feet into the cosmetic world I didn’t know much, and it took a lot of buying bad products, or products I never really used to finally get the perfect combination of items I loved. I thought I would make life a little easier for anyone who is just getting started in make-up and wants to know a few basics that are helpful.
1.       Concealer 

I think that foundation can be omitted in most cases, it’s fun to have but it’s not really a must have for someone just starting out. Concealer, however, is a bit important because it’s so versatile. You can use it to hide under eye circles, blemishes, and as an eyeshadow base. My favorite concealer is Almays Bright Eyes Concealer, it’s technically an undereye concealer and eye base, but I use it for my blemishes too and it works just fine.
Almays Bright Eyes Concealer: $5
2.       Mascara

If there is one item that is truly important to have, I think it’s mascara.  If you just apply mascara and nothing else, you automatically make your eyes pop and it is an easy step. Mascara comes in so many shapes and forms, you have ones for length, volume, both, etc. It’s really hard to recommend mascara because everyone likes different things but one that I am quite fond of is L’Oreal’s Voluminous mascara, I’ve been using this brand for over a year and the product has never clumped up on me, it also makes my lashes look fantastic without making them look spider legs! Also remember to dispose of your mascara every 3 months because it does go bad and you don’t want to get an eye infection.
L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara: $7
3.       Eye Liner

Like Mascara, eye liner brings drama to your eyes in a subtle way, and most drug store brands will not cost you much. My favorite brand is Almay’s because it goes on very smoothly and is easy to smudge!
Almay Eyeliner: $8
4.       Blush

Like Mascara, Blush can make you look very fresh and put together, it gives your face color and brightens up your look a bit. I used to be afraid of blush because I didn’t want to look too clown-like but once I learned the art of “less is more” it became a favorite of mine. I think a good basic day blush would be a neutral one that is not too pink but more peachy. I recommend Revlon Matte Blush as a good one to start out with. I’m a fan of this because it’s matte which mean there’s no shimmer to it (like there is with some CoverGirl blushes) and there’s a great color selection.
Revlon Matte Blush: $10
5.       Neutral Eye Palette

When I was a youngin’ getting into makeup I was always nervous about eye palettes, when I had no eyeshadow I didn’t know which ones to purchase. Now I think the best starter is a simple neutral quad so that you can do basic everyday looks. If you don’t have any brushes yet, don’t worry about it just use the applicator it comes with (I know a ton of people look down on these, but if you’re saving for brushes they will have to do, just make sure to use your ring finger to blend your look). I love the Physicians Formula Classic Nudes quad just because it is so easy for beginners to use, use the lightest color as a highlight, the second to lightest color for your lid, the third to lightest color for your crease (blend with your ring finger if you don’t have a brush) and use the darker color for a little bit of drama or smokey eye.

Physicians Formula Classic Nudes Palette: $7

6.       Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss is the finishing touch to all looks, so it’s important to have. My favorite is Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Lip Gloss because it’s cheap and works really well.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Lip Gloss: $2

 *all images taken from google

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